Agreement For Unpaid Internship

After setting up the structure of your internship, conducting your interviews and selecting a candidate, the next step should be a written contract. First of all, internships are work experiences offered by a company or organization. They are supposed to be educational experiences that are put into the real world. At the conclusion of this agreement, the parties agree that neither party can rely on previous statements that are not taken into account in this agreement. 2.2. Other responsibilities may be completed at any time, by mutual agreement between the company and the intern and the university. Given your internship in the company and the disclosure of the information, you also accept that: (1) at the end of your connection with the company, all proprietary information and all copies, excerpts and other objects or objects in which they may be contained or embodied will be immediately returned; (2) You will immediately notify the company of any unauthorized disclosure of proprietary information within your control; 3. They agree to comply with the company`s strict directive that employees and trainees cannot, directly or indirectly, disclose information, including the terms of this letter, to an individual, including other company staff and interns, about compensation; However, provided you can discuss the terms of this letter with your immediate family members and with all legal, tax or accounting specialists who would provide you with legal, tax or accounting advice; and (4) You understand and believe that any violation of the provisions of this section could cause the company to suffer irreparable damage and not be able to remedy it properly. Accordingly, you accept that in the event of an infringement, the company has the right to apply for an appropriate exemption and another discharge that can be granted by a competent court. 9.1. The parties agree that Danish courts have exclusive jurisdiction over internship disputes. The parties agree that INSERT NAME OF COURT is, at first instance, exclusively competent for litigation and that the rules of Danish law apply. 4.2.

There is no guarantee or expectation that the internship activity will lead to a job at the company. It works with the intern`s school plan. The extent to which the internship is in accordance with the academic obligations of the trainee is in accordance with the academic calendar. Let the intern recognize that the internship is unpaid, that the intern is not an employee and that the intern is not entitled to a paid job at the end of the internship. You also agree to assign to the company or its agent all rights, titles and interests on and on all inventions, original works of authorship, developments, concepts, improvements, designs, drawings, discoveries, algorithms, formulas, computer codes, ideas, trademarks or trade secrets, whether patentable or regulated, related to the company you develop alone or in common, or reason; , to be designed or developed or reduced to practice with the use of equipment, inventory, facilities, assets or confidential company information, or that may result from research or other activities that have been carried out as part of this internship.