Baptistcare Enterprise Agreement

Under these agreements, workers are still entitled to an additional week of annual leave per year, which means that workers have been entitled to this leave without the company that makes them available. The audit showed that shift workers who were granted dumin and public holidays under the 2011 and 2014 enterprise agreements may be entitled to a more favourable leave clause, which attracts holiday loads. It also found that some workers were given additional annual leave to which they were not entitled. Baptistcare employees and their family and friends are entitled to special discounts on electronics, white goods, telecommunications and small devices at JB Hi-Fi`s online store. Together with the Fair Work Ombudsman, BaptistCare NSW-ACT has made an enforceable commitment to solve a self-reported problem with its interpretation of the vacation load that affects 2,140 current and former employees. Australian healthcare organization BaptistCare has entered into a enforcement undertaking with The Fair Work Ombudsman and has been ordered to pay its employees more than $1 million ($548,000) in back pay. The employees involved were shift workers who were subject to the 2011 Baptiste Community Services Age Care Enterprise Agreement and the BaptistCare NSW – ACT Aged Care Enterprise Agreement 2014. The company, which operates 17 older care facilities, said it had underpaid more than 2,000 current and former front-line employees. The staff involved is covered by Baptist Community Services` 2011 Age Care Enterprise Age Agreement and the BaptistCare NSW and ACT Aged Care Enterprise Agreement 2014. We are passionate about finding ways to make life better for Southern Australias that make it difficult. If your skills and heart match ours, this is the best reason to work for us. Baptistcare`s mission is to offer our employees a number of benefits that make your life a little easier. In this sense, we have partnered with several companies to present you with competitive offers for certain products and services in which you could find value.

Employers and workers can visit or contact Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94 for free workplace advice. To learn more about these benefits, contact Michelle Marchant on 0472 861 905 or e-mail Australian tenants are disproportionately affected by COVID-19, who are facing lost income, inability to pay… A BaptistCare spokesperson said, “BaptistCare sincerely apologizes for this involuntary monitoring and continues to ensure that our employees receive their rights at all times.