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I have the same problem with other users. On the 23.5 July call trading in oil options, I made a long call with a starting position of 4.02 on 13/05/2020 and trading was at 4.60 levels, so much so that I actually made good progress (I had the closing price at 4.02), at the line, from midnight 14/05/2020, i.e. early the next trading day, the rate closed at 1.26 with right as margin call, exactly at 00:00. I lost all the money and there were no drops in other trading platforms or in the oil option market to go down at the beginning of a trading position, my ID position is 1361680245 , I asked for an explanation and that`s the answer”I want to point out that while there are many factors playing a role in the market price of an option such as relevance, proximity to strike price, supply and demand, etc., it is important to understand that each option has its own pool of market players whose interest shifts their price. Each instrument on a platform has a distinct price variation. Even if the underlying instrument is moving in one direction, there is no guarantee that the option should follow/react.┬áSo there are factors that move the price 300-500% in seconds? I need a clear answer here. Our policy of offering “best execution” when we execute orders on behalf of clients; Plus500SG takes the appropriate steps to achieve the best possible result for our customers.