Consulting Agreement With Llc

DIESE CONSULTING AGREEMENT (“ACCORD”) will be adopted on October 1, 2016 (effective date) from and between WESTFIELD AIRPORTS, LLC, a Delaware-based limited liability company with branches in 2049 Century Park East, 41st Floor, Los Angeles, California 90067 (the “company”) and RIDGE STRATEGY GROUP, LLC, a limited liability company incorporated in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois. , with offices in 1722 Pinehurst Lane, Flossmoor, Illinois 60422 (the “Councillor”). The company and the advisor are referred to as “party” and collectively “parties” as the following. A consulting agreement allows you to benefit from the knowledge of a specialist advisor for a given period of time by helping you clarify the conditions of your participation in your business, such as analytics. B efficiency or expansion estimates. As a foreigner, the advisor is able to maintain the necessary objectivity and have a different position. either at another address, as each party may notify the other from time to time and is considered to be properly served (a) immediately after service or notification, b) two days after filing at the post office, if it is served by recommended letter, or (c) the day after filing with a night courier. The entity is not responsible for any accidental, consecutive, indirect or special damage, or for loss of earnings or interruptions of service caused or allegedly caused by the provision or non-performance of services. The customer accepts that, in the event that the company is held liable for such a loss, the customer`s only recourse against the company is limited to the reimbursement of payments made by the customer for those services, net of the costs paid to subcontractors or third parties. The entity is not responsible for errors resulting from incorrect or incomplete information provided by the customer to the company.

The client also undertakes not to rely, directly or indirectly, on damages that go beyond conventional restrictions, either by appeal or against third parties. The entity is not liable to the customer for costs, damages or delays related to causes beyond its control, including, but not exclusively, unknown website features; Changes to guidelines, changes to services. This agreement is concluded by and between the University of Mississippi (hereafter referred to as “UM”) by P.O. Box 1848, Room 100 Barr Hall, University, MS 38677 and (hereafter referred to as “CONSULTANT”) with the address of . The inclusion of compensation terms in your advisory agreement is natural, but it is equally important to specify the terms of payment.