Master Service Agreement Dgs

MTG has entered into a master`s services contract with the California Department of General Services. 1. The contractor must provide, before the start of the ordering work, a list of all contract tools and contractor software to be provided in combination with the components of the delivery or the equipment developed. The contractor must also provide a list of all other contract tools and contracting software intended to be used by the contractor to provide the services within the ins, but which do not become part or necessary for the use of the materials developed. All contractual tools and contract software required to use developed supplies or materials are delivered to the Commonwealth with the license provided for at 37 f). The contractor may change these lists from time to time, while the order is made or after they are completed. In the event that the contractor does not identify a subcontractor tool, but can demonstrate that the tool was developed independently by the holder prior to the order on which it was used, the licensee nevertheless retains full ownership of this subcontractor tool necessary for the use of the delivery items or equipment developed, provided that this notification is provided to the issuing agency before its use on order. All contracting tools or contractor software that are not included in the lists are considered to be established under this contract. 4.

Notwithstanding any contrary provision of this agreement, this agreement may be terminated in advance written, on prior written notification from the licensee, if the licensee finds that it is in the interest of the licensee to terminate the contract. If the taker decides to terminate this contract, the licensee has the right to pay for satisfactory services provided under the contract until the termination of customer relationship management (CRM) comes into force, but not limited to: services such as feasibility studies, process analysis or analysis of system deficiencies, assessment of organizational change, risk assessment, migration strategies and planning, as they relate to advice on IT-CRM projects. Electronic document management systems (EDMS) are not limited to: services such as planning for the implementation of EDMS systems, Risk assessment, workflow analysis, workload management, network design and security advice, application prototyping, system migration strategies, initial project immaturation/digitization, document transfer planning (hardcopy on new systems/media) and document identification; Performance monitoring/measurement, benchmarking and collaborative tools (involves BPR) as they relate to EDMS project advice. Note: the “dominant minimum wage” and “union work” requirements displayed at the end of this table must be met when securing services in this category of service. Planning includes services such as needs analysis, policy analysis, strategic planning, network engineering and feasibility studies, as they relate to telecommunications consulting. Independent Services Assessments includes, but is not limited to: Services include the evaluation of standards and controls related to the infrastructure service support and delivery within the meaning of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) / ISO 20000. g. Except with the Agreement of the Commonwealth, the contractor has no financial interest in other contractors, subcontractors or suppliers providing services, work or equipment for this project. MTG has entered into a master service contract with the California Department of General Services. f.

Contractors were given the opportunity to provide information on the specific services provided under this MSA, using the MSA marketing application form mentioned above in the contract documents section. Agencies can use the MSA Contractor Marketing List in the Contracting Documents section above when you send RFOs. Utility companies can access professional consulting services through MSA`s IT consulting.