Tripartite Agreement Horses

Horses (with the exception of slaughter horses that require pre-export inspection and veterinary certificates) that move between Ireland and the United Kingdom do not require a prior inspection or veterinary certificate, but, as with all equine movements, they must have a valid passport. The high health status of each horse can be immediately validated by access to current vaccines and medical documents, allowing for a higher level of surveillance and prevention of potential disease outbreaks, in line with biosecurity requirements under the EU Animal Health Act, thus facilitating rapid transit for these horses. Digital passports for horses may also be accepted for use between EU Member States and third countries on the A-list. In the case of a Brexit without a deal, does the Commission intend to include in the derived animal health law a legal basis for the creation of a mechanism similar to the tripartite agreement between Member States which, from an animal health point of view, are eligible? “Our aim is to reach an agreement to continue the historic accelerated movement of horses towards breeding, selling and competition between EU Member States and the UK. While some areas that appear to remain difficult in the negotiations are currently being discussed, we believe that there are simple solutions within the equine industry that can be easily integrated into a free trade agreement. In fact, they are also achievable in a non-agreement scenario. A tripartite agreement (TPA) between Ireland, the United Kingdom and France exempts certain categories of horses meeting the documented higher health standards established by the bodies approved by the APP Member States (accredited bodies for the TPA) from the pre-inspection and official certification during the crossing to/from France. Accredited bodies have been authorized to issue or agree, as an alternative to the application for an official health certificate, blood substances (designated by the TPA unit) for the issuance of DOCOM documents authorising the transfer to and from France. At the time of its introduction, the TPA applied only to sports horses and allowed them to travel without a health check between the United Kingdom, Ireland and France. Due to difficulties in the application of the TPA between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland … The DWA was published on 19 March 2018 and, after months of negotiations, it was reported that representatives of the UK and THE EU had approved the text of the DWA (Brexit: UK and EU `agree text` of draft withdrawal agreement`, 14 November 2018,, High-health horses in the UK have the same health status as in EU Member States and the task force calls for a trade agreement between the EU and Britain to take this into account.