Can I Cancel My Tenancy Agreement Early In Abu Dhabi

The pandemic can be considered an unforeseeable circumstance and, on this basis, you can unilaterally terminate the lease with your landlord. This is in line with Article 273(1) of the Law on Civil Transactions, which provides that `if, in the case of contracts binding on both parties, the corresponding obligation expires when force majeure makes it impossible to perform the contract and the contract is automatically terminated`. In accordance with Decision No 4/2011 on the registration of immovable property data and rental contracts, the owner of the building or his authorised person is responsible for registering the details of the immovable. In case of non-compliance with the provisions of the decision, the municipality takes, together with the authorities concerned, the necessary measures against the owner of the land and makes him responsible for the payment of the costs of registration of the property in the system. The tenant can contact the relevant commissions to request a decision confirming the validity of the signature on the lease, and then register it with the municipality. In accordance with the laws in force in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates, it has become mandatory to implement the provisions of Decision No. 4/2011 of HH President of Abu Dhabi Executive Council regarding the rules and procedures for registering leases in the “Tawtheeq” system. The outcome of the early termination of the lease therefore depends on the early termination clause contained in the rental agreement. If tenants have such a provision in their lease, they must comply with this clause if they prematurely terminate a lease in Dubai. With rapid developments over the past decade, Abu Dhabi`s real estate market is leading the way in the region. The population is spoilt for choice when it comes to renting an apartment in Abu Dhabi. Villas or apartments, upscale or mid market, islands or continents, there is something for everyone. But what does it mean to be a tenant in Abu Dhabi? If you reside in the capital, here you will find everything you need to know about the rights of Abu Dhabi tenants and the rental right in Abu Dhabi.

1.25 Does the “Tawtheeq” system cover the registration of leases concluded, regardless of the duration of the contract? In accordance with Decision No 4/2011 on the registration of real estate details and rental agreements, the owner of the building is required to pay AED 100 for the registration of a new lease agreement, regardless of the duration of the contract, provided that it does not exceed 4 years. 2.13 Are all existing leases entered into prior to the issuance of the decision exempt from registration fees until the next renewal date? When a tenant encounters financial difficulties and is unable to pay the rent, the first step is to contact the lessor, inform him of the difficult situation and try to negotiate an agreement that has consensus between the two parties. Providing supporting documents, such as a copy of the dismissal letter/salary reductions issued by your employer, can help support the right to early termination of the rental clause. If the lessor is not ready to negotiate, the tenant can contact the RDSC at 800-4488 to seek advice. If the landlord does not agree with your request, you can contact the Rental Dispute Centre (RDC) in Dubai and file a complaint against your landlord, as they have not accepted the early termination of your lease without payment of a fine. Law 33 of 2008, which amended certain articles of Law 26 of 2007, only stipulates that, if he wishes to modify any of the conditions of the contract, the lessor or tenant is required to notify the other party of notice at least 90 days before the expiry of the rental agreement. . .